Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Statement driven development WYSIWYG for REST

In my previous article, I mentioned that minuteproject will have statement driven development features.
This page I disclose the potential of SDD while developing REST application.
Regarding the technologies I take:
  • REST with CXF
  • Spring Bean for DAO
  • JPA2 as persistence layer
Original WYSIWYG is revisited into What You STATE Is What You Get.

As fundamentals you need a Statement with is surrounding I/O.
The model against which the statement is applied is important but secundary.

As example for SQL, I take 3 queries:
  • select * from address where latitude between ? and ? and longitude between ? and ? and lcase(city) like ?
  • select * from address where addressid between ? and ?
  • select * from address where lcase(city) like ?
Those queries must be given 
  • a name
  • an input (replace question marks by sample value and provide name)
  • an output (deduce from the metadata recieved after executing the query)
And basically that's it.