Monday, July 11, 2011

JPA2 simple reverse-engineering via MP console

This article shows how quickly you can reverse-engineering for JPA2 via minuteproject console.

The console is just find to have a quick look at what you can expect.

The console has two catalogs:
  • One for the target DB (for the moment there are 4 of them Oracle, DB2, mysql, hsqldb)
  • One for the target technologies (there are couples such as JPA2, spring/hibernate/Jpa/DAO, grails, playframework, vaadin).
The DB catalog holds for each db parameters corresponding to its default configurations such as:
  • primary key (Oracle use sequence, Mysql autoincrement)
  • dialect (for hibernate or orm vendor specific)
  • jdbc driver class
  • maven driver artifacts
To add new DB just add some nodes in /catalog/database-catalog.xml and restart the console.
You can share your new configuration for DB with minuteproject to be included in the next release.

The technology catalog holds for each track the set of artifacts for the different level (field, entity, package, model, application) that is to be generated.

Here a little video illustrating how to use the console:

MinuteProject 4 JPA2: reverse-engineering via console from minuteproject on Vimeo.

If you want additional feature you have to use Minuteproject with a configuration file.

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