Tuesday, August 23, 2011

conscious nerd?

After all, at the end of the day, what are we geek for?

Yes folks, we spend hours, days, years of contributing, criticizing, publishing but what is worth for?
What is our mission(s) for those sleepless nights or more pragmatically for this shadow IT? (Yes, we all know that we do ;) )
Is it pride, self sufficience, been the first, be part of the wave or the be the wave itself that drives us?
I do not pretend to introspect nor to find your reason for a free contribution and commitment. I just heap up my own modest contribution to the stack, and wonder where this amont of info will lead us to?
Personally, I think that IT should gently impact our way of living (hey not (only) in the way of booking cheaper holidays...) but in a way to share knowledge and get conscience.

Sharing knowledge
: we've been granted by lots of it and we emphasize with our own to grow it bigger and wider.
Promote Altruism: Give the community without expectation!
It may sound naive at first, but it's really a driving force!
You will be remembered! (BTW, The long tail pattern is here for you!)).

Get conscience: Although our projects, contributions might die or succeed, we are part of an effort that probably transcends us and would lead to a better living and understanding of the position and possibility/feasibilities offered to us.
By position, I mean as an actor to the web and community in the present.
By possibility/feasibility, I mean the opportunities that will make our destinity brights stronger. Yes IT will lead us to Mars! and the solar system...

Future: is what we decide! (mitigating the impondarables ;)


  1. The real challenge is to do all these thing and make a living of that, in this way you can continue creating cool things for ever.