Friday, May 18, 2012

Minuteproject reverse-engineering short stories

Latvian JUG Riga presentation abstract

I have been contacted by the Latvian JUG to make a demonstration-oriented presentation over Minuteproject. This page covers the agenda of what I intend to show at Riga.
All the demos will start from scratch i.e. a DB model that is evolving across the presentation.
Main demos will target technologies: JPA2, REST, Spring, CXF, Openxava for reverse-engineering.
A new feature of Minuteproject is introduced: Statement Driven Development with a demostration for REST track.
Eventually a last demo will show how to get instantly a web site with Openxava.


  • Minuteproject overview
  • Demo 1
    • Model sample (3 tables)
    •  JPA2 track generation
    • code review
    • write unit test
    • alter and customize generated code (ex: with validation annotations)
  • Enrichment facilities
    • Customisation
    • Declaritive conventions
  • Demo 2
    • Model has changed! (10+ tables)
    • generation & code review (convensions, what happened to your modified code?)
  • Generated-code integration technics
  • RESTIFY your backend
  • Demo 3
    • Add REST track on top of JPA2
    • Generate for REST-CXF/SpringMVC
    • Deploy on tomcat and test
  • SDD - Statement Driven Development
  • Demo 4
    • Add custom statement
    • Generate for REST
    • Deploy on tomcat and test
  • Goodies...
  • Demo 5 
    • Get instantly an Openxava web app
    • Deploy on tomcat and test
  • Extend Minuteproject
    • Add your own templates and tracks
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ
Additional pages covering each demo will be available in the forthcoming days/weeks and released before the presentation.

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