Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Minuteproject with databases


Minuteproject works with different relational databases.
In the distribution, test have been done over couple of DB (oracle, mysql...). Meanwhile your database might not be present in the list.
This article summarizes the step to follow to add your database type and test it with minuteproject.


Add your driver

Minuteproject works over jdbc to retrieve the database metadata. So you need a driver.
Download your jdbc driver and add it in /application/lib/extra


From the config

You have to add in the data-source node
  • driver
  • url
  • username
  • password 
 Add in schema node
  • schema (should be the same as user) in the schema node.

From the console

The console choose its target database from the database-catalog.xml file located in /catalog
If you open it add a new entry similar to the previous one specifying what is your default primary-key strategy and other information.

Feed back

Feed-backs are welcomed to improve the catalog of database available.

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