Thursday, February 28, 2013

Minuteproject as a workspace


If you want to create your own generation based on the database, this article will guide you step by step. Here are the main elements to create a workspace in order to extends minuteproject with your own templates, libraries, and plug-in.

Minuteproject as a workspace

  • unzip MP into
  • create an eclipse java project on /mywork
    • add the libraries
      • In eclipse go:  Project>Properties>Java build Path under Libraries tab and add the jar from /application/lib and the jdbc driver under
    •  add sources 
      • by default eclipse create a source (src) directory. You can keep it if you want to write your own plugin for your template
      • add the template metadata folder in Project>Properties>Java build Path under the Source tab point to /mywork/config


Where goes your development:
  • java/groovy plugin (a plugin is just a java bean class) goes in your source directory /src (to create)
  • velocity templates goes in /template (directory already present)
  • template metadata xml goes in mywork/config directory.
Now you can run a minuteproject configuration from you eclipse workspace. 


Create a configuration (if you do not know you can copy one from /demo/config) into mywork/config. Example mp-config-fitnesse.xml

In eclipse
  • Add a configuration in eclipse

  • Add in the argument tab mp-config-fitnesse.xml
  • Click run

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